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Aircraft price list

Our aircraft fleet and price list

We use the reliable Cessnas 150, 152 and 172 for most of our flight training. Cessna Caravan and Beechcraft Duchess available for more advanced training. Contact us for any questions and hire enquiries.

Call us: 02 9791 9155

c152 aircraft in sydney flying school

Cessna 152

  • Dual $365
  • Solo $300
  • Hire $230
  • Landing fee $25
cessna 182

Cessna 182

  • Dual $495
  • Solo $430
  • Hire $360
  • Landing fee $25
cessna caravan

Cessna 208 Supervan

Temporarily unavailable

  • $330/h ICUS
  • Landing fee $45
beechcraft duchess

Beechcraft Duchess

  • Dual $645
  • Solo $590
  • Hire $510
  • Landing fee $35

Elite Simulator

Temporarily unavailable

  • Dual $200
  • Hire $100

Other Fees

  • Ab-Initio Briefing $85/brief
  • Advanced Briefing $130/h
  • Ground Theory $99/h
  • Advanced Ground Theory $130/h
  • Instructor Only (BYO Aircraft) $135/h
  • Headset hire $15/flight
  • Lifejacket hire $15/flight

Notes related to quoted aircraft rates:

The above rates are all VDO/Watch times (engine start to engine stop)
Landing fees are normally charged per full stop landing.
The solo training rates indicated above include a p/h charge for instructor sign-out and supervision.
The dual training rates indicated above include a p/h charge for instructor hire.
All prices above are wet (include fuel and oil)
All prices include GST.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
Cancelation fees apply without 24 hours’ notice, $50.

Please contact us with any questions you may have

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We operate from Bankstown Aerodrome. Our flying school classrooms and hangar are located at 77 Tower Road. We have free parking available on-site.

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