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Learn to fly packages

Get your pilot dreams off the ground

LTF packages are a perfect way to get started in your aviation journey. This is a more comprehensive learn-to-fly starter package than our Trial Introductory Flight in Sydney (TIF). We offer 2 LTF packages, one with 3 learning modules and 5h of flight, and one with 5. All LTF packages include FAB briefing notes and headset hire.

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You don’t require previous flying experience to sign up for an LTF. Your flight time will count towards your pilot licence requirements if you decide to enrol in a course to get your Recreational Pilot Licence in Sydney.

Learn to fly package options

What’s included:

How to professionally pre-flight an aircraft
3 – 5 flight learning modules
3h – 5h of flight
FAB briefing notes
Headset hire

* One LTF purchase per customer.

cessna 150
LTF Package

Cessna 152

LTF 3 Lessons - $1,300
LTF 5 Lessons - $2,000
cessna 182
LTF Package

Cessna 182

LTF 3 Lessons - $1,600
LTF 5 Lessons - $2,500

What is an LTF package?

  • LTF stands for “Learn to fly”. Our LTF packages are an affordable way to get a taste of what learning to fly is all about without a big financial or time commitment.
  • It will take you between 2 days and 2 weeks, depending on your availability and/or desire to focus on it part or full-time.
  • The common pathway upon LTF completion is the Recreational Pilot Licence or RPL.

LTF flight lessons

  • Module 1: Effects Of Controls (EOC)
  • Module 2: Straight And Level (S&L)
  • Module 3: Climbing
  • Module 4: Descending
  • Module 5: Turning

Difference between a Cessna 152 and 182

  • Both Cessnas are hugely popular single-engine aircraft used in training and private aviation worldwide.
  • Cessnas 152 are 2-seaters, while the Cessna 182 will carry 4 people with luggage.
  • The Cessna 182 has a larger engine and more power, and will cope better with rough conditions and high winds.

What's included with my LTF package?

  • How to professionally pre-flight an aircraft
  • 3 or 5 flight briefs
  • 3 or 5 hours of flying in “dual-controlled” aircraft that would count towards your pilot licence requirements.
  • FAB briefing notes
  • Headset hire

Where is the LTF training conducted?

  • Our flying school in Sydney is located at 77 Tower Rd, Bankstown Aerodrome.
  • All our instructors are highly-qualified and experienced real-world pilots.
  • Flight Academy Australia is the sister company of Sydney Skydivers. Aussie-owned and operated, we have been in the aviation industry for over 50 years.
flight payment options

Flexible bookings: to change your booking at no extra cost you must give us more than 48h notice. $50 fee applies for late changes or cancellations. If we cannot fly due to bad weather or other circumstances we will reschedule your booking. All flying credit and vouchers are valid for 3 years. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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Learn to fly location

Our Location

We operate from Bankstown Aerodrome. Our flying school classrooms and hangar are located at 77 Tower Road. We have free parking available on-site.

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