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Student resources

Our repository of operating manuals and useful links for student pilots.
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Aircraft Operating manuals

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Download Pilot’s Operating Handbooks:

Cessna 150 POH > Download

Cessna 152 POH > Download

Cessna 182 POH > Download

Beechcraft Duchess 76 POH > Download

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Practice Exams

Prepare for your RPL, PPL or CPL with PilotTrain’s tried and tested pilot exams

RPL, PPL and CPL CASA Workbook

Download CASA’s RPL, PPL & CPL (Aeroplane) Workbook Version 3.0a – 02 December 2021

CASA Pilot Safety Hub

CASA’s Pilot Safety Hub provides tips on situational awareness, radio calls, runway safety, weather and flight planning.

CASA Pilot Exams

Dictionary of Abbreviations

ACASAirborne collision avoidance system
ACNAircraft classification number
ADCAir data computer
ADFAutomatic direction finder
ADIZAir defence identification zones.
AELAviation English language
AFCSAutomatic flight control system
AFMAircraft flight manual
AFORArea forecast
AGLAbove ground level
AICAeronautical information circular
AIPAeronautical information package
AIREPAir report
AKGeneral aeronautical knowledge
ALAAerodromes and aeroplane landing areas
ALCApproved load controlled
AMPAerial application management plan
ANPActual navigation performance
AOAAngle of attack
AOCAir operator’s certificate
AOMAerodrome operating manual
APAuto pilot
APUAuxiliary power unit
ARSAttitude retention system
ASIAir speed indicator
ATAuto throttle
ATCAir traffic control
ATISAerodrome terminal information service
ATPLAir transport pilot licence
ATSAir traffic service
AUWAll up weight
AVADSAuto voice activated decision system
BAKBasic aeronautical knowledge
BHPBrake horsepower
CAAPCivil Aviation Advisory Publication
CAOCivil Aviation Order
CASCalibrated air speed
CASACivil Aviation Safety Authority
CASR 1998Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998
CATClear air turbulence
CBTComputer-based test
CDFAContinuous descent flight angle
CDICourse deviation indicator
CDPClimb descent procedure
CGCentre of gravity
CHTCylinder head temperature
CPCritical point
CPLCommercial pilot licence
CRMCrew resource management
CSUConstant speed unit
CTAControlled airspace
CTAFCommon traffic advisory frequency
CTRControl zone
CVRCockpit voice recorder
DADensity altitude
DALRDry adiabatic lapse rate
DAMEDesignated aviation medical examiner
DAPDeparture and approach
DFDRDigital flight data recorder
DFEDesign feature endorsement
DMEDistance measuring equipment
EASEquivalent air speed
EETEstimated elapsed time
EFISElectronic flight instrument system
EGTExhaust gas temperature
EICASEngine indication and crew alerting system
ELREnvironmental lapse rate
EPREngine pressure ratio
EPTEffective performance time
ERCEn route chart
ERSAEn route supplement Australia
ETAEstimated time of arrival
ETDEstimated time of departure
ETIEstimated time interval
ETOPSExtended range twin operations
ETPEqui-time point
FAEFlight activity endorsement
FAFFinal approach fix
FDFlight director
FIAFlight information area
FIRFlight information region
FMSFlight management systems
FSTDFlight simulation training device
gGravitational force
G-LOCG-induced loss of consciousness
GNSSGlobal navigation satellite system
GPUGround power unit
GPWSGround proximity warning systems
GSGround speed
HFHigh frequency
HLSHelicopter landing site
HPAVHorse power available
HPREQHorse power required
HUMSHealth usage monitoring system
IAFInitial approach fix
IALInstrument approach and landing
IAPInstrument approach procedure
IASIndicated air speed
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organization
ICTZInter-tropical convergence zone
IELTSInternational English language testing system
IFRInstrument flight rules
ILSInstrument landing system
IMCInstrument metrological conditions
INSInertial navigation system
ISAInternational standard atmosphere
IVSIInstantaneous vertical speed indicator
JPTJet pipe temperature
KDRKnowledge deficiency report
KIASKnots indicated air speed
LALanding area
LDALanding distance available
LDPLanding decision point
LDRLanding distance required
LGLanding gear
LMTLocal mean time
LNAVLateral navigation
LPVLocaliser precision with vertical guidance
LRCLong range cruise
LSALTLowest safe altitude
LSBLower side band
LTELoss of tail rotor effectiveness
LVCLive, virtual and constructive (simulators)
MACMean aerodynamic chord
MAPtMissed approach point
MDAMinimum descent altitude
MELMinimum equipment list
MFMedium frequency
MLSMicrowave landing system
MLWMaximum landing weight
MOSManual of Standards
MPManifold pressure
MPLMulti-crew pilot licence
MSAMinimum sector altitude
MSLMean sea level
MTOWMaximum take-off weight
MZWMid-zone weight
NDBNon-directional beacon
NMNautical mile
NOTAMNotice to Airmen
NPANon precision approach
NVFRNight visual flight rules
NVGNight vision goggles
NVISNight vision imaging system
OATOutside air temperature
OCTAOutside controlled airspace
OEIOne engine inoperative
OGEOut of ground effect
OH&SOccupational health and safety
PALPilot-activated lighting
PAPIPrecision approach path indicator
PBNPerformance based navigation
PCNPavement classification number
PECPressure error correction
PFPilot flying
PIFPrivate instrument flight
PIFRPrivate IFR rating
PIOPilot induced oscillation
PMPilot monitoring
PNRPoint of no return
POHPilot operating handbook
PPLPrivate pilot licence
PRDProhibited/restricted/danger areas
PUSPermissible unserviceability
RAResolution advisory
RAFRelative air flow
RAIMReceiver autonomous integrity monitoring
RFMRotorcraft flight manual
RMIRemote magnetic indicator
RNAVRoute navigation
RNPRequired navigation performance
ROCRate of climb
RODRate of descent
RPLRecreational pilot licence
RPMRevolutions per minute
RRPMRotor rpm
RTRadio transmission
RVRRunway visual range
RVSMReduced vertical separation minima
SALRSaturated adiabatic lapse rate
SARSearch and rescue
SARTIMESearch and rescue time
SARWATCHSearch and rescue watch
SASStability augmentation system
SIDStandard instrument departure
SIGWXSignificant weather
SOPStandard operating procedures
SSBSingle side band
SSRSecondary surveillance radar
STARStandard arrival route
TATraffic advisory
TAFTerminal area forecast
TASTrue air speed
TATTotal air temperature
TCASTraffic collision avoidance system
TEMThreat error management
TGTTurbine gas temperature
THPThrust horsepower
TITTurbine inlet temperature
TMGTrack made good
TODATake-off distance available
TODRTake-off distance required
TOEFL CBTTest of English as a foreign language computer-based test
TOEFL IBTTest of English as a foreign language internet-based test
TOEFL PBTest of English as a foreign language paper-based test
TOEICTest of English for international communication
TTFTrend type forecast
TWSTake-off warning system
UASUndesired aircraft states
UHFUltra high frequency
USBUpper side band
UTCUniversal time coordinate
VASIVisual approach slope indicator
VFRVisual flight rules
VHFVery high frequency
VMCVisual metrological conditions
VMOVelocity maximum operating
VNAVVertical navigation
VNEVelocity never exceed
VNOVelocity normal operating
VOLMETMetrological information for aircraft in flight
VORVery high-frequency omni-directional range
VSVertical speed
VSIVertical speed indicator
VTCVisual terminal chart
W/VWind velocity
WAASWide area augmentation system
WACWorld aeronautical chart
ZFWZero fuel weight

Radio spelling alphabet

Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu.

(“Alfa” and “Juliett” are intentionally spelled as such to avoid mispronunciations.)

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